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“Lunch Money” is the 1000 HP Rat Rod Drag Truck That Will Blow Your Mind

One of the fun parts about the world of rat rods is that nothing is off-limits. When creating other hot rods, perhaps a certain style or design will look out of place. However, when the goal at hand is to make the most of all of the spare parts laying around, nothing is out of place. In fact, something that might seem a little bit more wacky than usual could draw praise when it comes to the format of the rat rod. This is what makes these sorts of builds popular across the community.

This time, we check in with a build that has it all. Known as “Lunch Money,” the theme of this one is a build on a budget. However, when we see how it all comes together, nothing about the finished project seems to scream “budget” at all. Instead, every last aspect of the car seems to complement the next. When we combine everything together, the finished picture is something like a fine piece of art.

Under the hood or lack thereof, we find an LS engine but not exactly in the format that some may think. The car’s builder told AutotopiaLA that it is a 388 cubic inch LS engine but it doesn’t have many GM components onboard. Instead, the whole thing has been reconstructed with aftermarket components.

While most should be able to appreciate a build like this, there are still some trick things thrown in here and there that would really be something that makes even the most hardcore enthusiasts stop and stare.

When all is said and done, the 1,000 hp rat rod really puts a punishing on anyone who wants to step up to the plate. Piece by piece, this machine came together just right and it has contributed to making the perfect build really sing.