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Luxury Van Company Redefines The Limo, Jaws Drop

When it comes to getting around, there’re lots of ways to do it. We have all sort of different technology available at our fingertips that allows us to get everything from a limousine to an Uber to show up at our front door. However, for those who would find themselves in the “super-rich” category, perhaps none of these would do. There certainly is a market for those who want ultimate luxury within their vehicles and are willing to pay for it. This time, we take a tour of some products from a company that promises to do just that, delivering some of those insane creations on wheels.

The company goes by the name of “Klassen” and their products will have most folk’s jaws on the floor. Essentially, their job is to take traditional vans and other cars and convert them into a custom limo. Essentially, they redefine what a stretch limousine really is as some of the creations that they put together are able to stretch themselves out with the flip of a switch. As if that wasn’t enough, within the vehicles is even more to love as they use some of the most over the top features that can be found in any form of transportation.

These things offer just about everything from flat screens and game consoles to automatic folding tables and some of the most extravagant materials that one could imagine. How they come out really depends on what the customer wants and how much money they’re willing to spend. On the other end of all that hard work, though, certainly comes vehicles that are worth admiring. By following along with the video below, we get a guided tour of all that the company offers in a couple of examples of vehicles that they have put together.

Mercedes-Benz Stretch Van Feels Like A Private Jet

This Mercedes-Benz stretch van feels like a private jet.

Posted by Cars Insider on Thursday, February 28, 2019


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