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Mad Max GoKart Paintball War – That Was EPIC!

Mad Max GoKart Paintball War – That Was EPIC!

If you’re even somewhat familiar with Mad Max, you’ve probably seen the wild desert chase sequences that the movie is so well known for.

It truly puts some of the most interesting characters and machines together to create one heck of an edge of your seat experience.

Now, imagine all of the gnarly rides shrunken down to go-karts and all weaponry replaced with the likes of paintball guns. That’s precisely what we have here.

We think that the folks behind this video truly went above and beyond to make an exhilarating masterpiece using what they had at hand. This flick has some serious production value!

Check out the clip in the video below and tell us what you think of this chase scene. We’re not sure that we would have done anything differently!


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