Mad Mike’s CRAZY 26B Quad-Rotor Mazda RX-7 Spitting HUGE FLAMES

The Goodwood Festival of Speed has been known to bring out some truly legendary cars. ...

The Goodwood Festival of Speed has been known to bring out some truly legendary cars. The variety that we get from the festival is always rather wide in scope. We have seen everything from factory stock new releases all the way out to highly modified race cars and even some obscure, one-off creations.

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This time, we stay away from the mild and head toward the wild. Mad Mike certainly knows this territory quite well.

Those who would claim to be rotary heads are probably familiar with the name “Mad Mike.” Mike has really become a cornerstone of the rotary community for some of his high-intensity builds that are really anything but typical. These things truly stand on a platform all their own. Not only are they unique but they usually perform the part as well.

This time, on display, we find a 26B quadrotor. Naturally, a build of this caliber is going to be downright rowdy. When Mike gets behind the wheel, things become even more intense. It would simply be difficult for anybody on the premises that day to not get lost in the trance of this screaming rotary. The sound is quite unlike much else that we would find anywhere.

This time, That display is exactly what we end up seeing. As the car screams around the track at Goodwood, it takes the opportunity to spit out some huge flames as well. It’s not every day that we see a machine like this on display. When we do, it’s just something that makes us put down what we’re doing to pay strict attention. No matter what sort of vehicle you find yourself to be a fan of, we think that this car really delivers a little bit something for everybody.

Speed, acceleration, and a show – what’s not to love?

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