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Madman Takes an SVT Raptor and Slaps a Pair of Tank Tracks on It!

When it comes to different builds and projects that we see on YouTube, it seems as if the crazier the better. The more outlandish an idea seems, the more likely it is for people to cling onto it. Therefore, we have seen channels rise to massive followings based on the different things that they’re willing to do in the garage.

A lot of folks probably know Westen Champlin for his Ford Mustang. On the channel, he managed to take a diesel engine and stuff it under the hood of a late model Mustang. That’s not where the fun stops, though, as he has taken on a variety of different crazy ideas. This time it’s no different as Champlin tries to convert a Ford Raptor into a viral phenomenon.

The Raptor already starts out pretty awesome but in the scheme of YouTube, it’s not something that’s going to really stand out all that much without modification. Therefore, Champlin got to modifying, taking the awesome truck and making it even cooler. In its natural habitat, a Ford Raptor is designed to be able to be taken off the beaten path. However, this YouTube creator took it upon himself to make the Raptor even more functional when it comes to going off-road.

Instead of a traditional set of tires, the creator slapped a set of tracks on the Raptor. Essentially, the end result is something like a truck-tank hybrid that mixes together the best of both worlds. The result is rather insane and definitely makes everybody in town take a second look when they run across this pickup. We definitely can’t say that we blame them and can’t help but feel like this would be an awesome ride to get behind the wheel of as well! Imagine all of the places you can go and how quickly it could all be done!


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