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How to Make Your Own Patina Paint Job at Home

For somebody seeking just the right look for their vehicle, there is a wide range of different options out there. This is definitely an area where some trends seem to come and go pretty quickly. We’re not necessarily sure if we would call it a trend but one style that has definitely been gaining popularity recently is that of patina.

For those who aren’t in the know, the patina is a sort of weathered look. When a vehicle isn’t attended to, it’ll become a sort of faded and worn looking. This is a sort of look that fits in well with older vehicles. It’s kind of like that old worn pair of jeans that looks too cool to throw out.

I guess that there’s a certain appeal to a vehicle that is cared for but actually looks like it’s a barn find. It’s so appealing, in fact, that people have started to give their vehicles patina paint jobs on purpose.

This time, when it came to making a 1972 Chevrolet C10 look right, the guys behind it wouldn’t go with a re-spray or a wrap. Instead, they decided to break out the rattle cans and do their best at getting the perfect patina.

As it turns out, when a patina isn’t natural, it’s not so easy to acquire. If someone gets lucky, they’ll get a naturally good looking patina. With this, they can clean it up a little bit and spray some clear coat on it to preserve it. However, this is definitely not that situation. Instead, in order to create a sort of faux patina, it’s going to take a lot of elbow grease.

By following along with the Branded Title Co YouTube video below we get the full rundown. This video tells us all about the materials and techniques necessary for the perfect patina. When the goal is making your project look like it was left in the field when it actually wasn’t, this is probably a pretty good place to start.


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