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Making A 4.5-Foot Long Corvette Cake Is Pretty Darn Complicated

One of the beautiful things about artwork is that there are so many different ways for it to be expressed. No matter what you’re into, odds are that you can find some sort of piece of art that can really jive with your thought process or the different things that you like. The perfect example of this that’s not a traditional piece of art would be how we, as enthusiasts, choose to customize our vehicles. When you think about it at first, it might really not seem like art but when you dig deeper and consider all of the different personalized touches that go into a lot of the cars that you see out there, we would argue that it most certainly is.

This time, we check out a form of art that’s a little bit less common but something that should be pretty easy to connect to if you’re a car fanatic. The medium in question here is none other than a cake! That’s right, we’re talking about the sugary sweetness that you like to shovel down at birthday parties. Yup, we saw you take that extra slice, too.

Anyway, just when you thought that creating a cake from scratch was something that was rather simple, along comes the behind-the-scenes that shows you how it’s really done, how somebody takes the concept of creating a sugary Chevrolet Corvette that’s almost 5 feet long and turns it into a delicious treat to be devoured by whoever thought this one up.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able see all of the pieces that have to come together in order for a cake like this to really begin to take shape. We really can’t help but be impressed by this one as the attention to detail is simply astounding from the shine on the car to the bumpers and everything in-between.