fb-pixel Man Arrested for Injuring Dog When Stomping Out Car Window
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Man Arrested for Injuring Dog When Stomping Out Car Window

Time and time again, we witness situations unfolding on the road that culminate in fits of road rage. Regardless of how justified a driver may feel in expressing frustration on the highway, retaliating against another driver is seldom a well-thought-out course of action. Even when the other driver is wholly at fault, escalating the conflict by exiting your vehicle and seeking retribution is likely to result in unfavorable consequences for everyone – or maybe just for you.

In this particular incident, a motorist learned this lesson the hard way, and what makes it more perplexing is that the individual who inflicted the most damage was not even part of the initial dispute, or at least this is how it would appear with limited context.

The video unfolds with a couple of cars halted at a red light when a BMW driver becomes engaged in a bout of road rage with another motorist. Taking matters a step further, the BMW driver exits the car to physically express their displeasure. This is where things begin to spiral out of control.

Unexpectedly, another driver, seemingly unrelated to the altercation, decides to intervene and escalates the situation. It’s hard to tell if the other driver is a friend of the BMW driver but we would have to assume that this is the case. This individual exits their vehicle, leaps onto the back of the car in front of the BMW, and proceeds to stomp through the back window, shattering glass everywhere and tragically injuring a dog.

The repercussions are severe for the intervening driver, who now faces charges of felony vandalism, battery, and animal abuse, according to Inside Edition. Although lacking context that led to the initial dispute, one can reasonably assume that had all parties involved remained in their vehicles and continued with their day, the incident would likely have been forgotten shortly afterward.

Long story short, keep it to yourself!