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Man Builds Homemade Car Repair Ramp in HIs Backyard!

When it comes to doing repair and even maintenance on your car at home, there are few items that would help more than having a lift in your shop or garage. However, for many of us, that’s simply not in the budget, nor does everybody have room for a proper lift even if they did have the money.
While you can always find a buddy that has a lift and offer him a few bucks to use it, that’s still inconvenient for both of you and nobody wants to be “that friend” that’s always bothering the guy with the lift. Another option is some of those drive-on ramps that lift the car a foot or foot and a half in the air. That gets you some room underneath to work, but still leaves you cramped and fighting to move around under the car.

This guy decided to build his own solution to the problem by building himself a DIY ramp on a grander scale than any of us could have ever imagined. He’s basically built himself a pit like they have in the floor at the drive through oil-change places, only it has ramps that support the car overhead while he’s able to walk around under it and carry out all types of maintenance and repairs. The setup looks to be relatively simple and robust and should provide years of worry-free access to the bottom side of his car.

There’s little more here than some determination and some timber, along with some time behind the wheel of a bobcat, used to move the massive timbers into position. With four poles providing vertical support, simply lay two timbers horizontally across them to form the ramps, then slide them into the ground so the car can be driven onto them. Secure everything together and there you have it, one home-built ramp to help with all of your upcoming vehicle projects.

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