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Man Builds Real Life Halo Warthog, Ultimate Gamer’s Dream, Yours For $100k

When you think back over the history of video games, there are very few that really manage to reach out and touch an entire generation. Now, this is an arguable statement but I would venture to say that there is a solid debate that can be had as to the Halo franchise being the most iconic video game series of all time. Even if you don’t think that’s a fact, I think that most people who are familiar with the video game industry probably place it somewhere in their top five or ten at least but hey, maybe I’m a little bit biased as someone who grew up during when these games reached their peak of popularity, wasting countless hours of my teenage life going after the bad guys.

Because of the vast popularity with the game, we have seen all sorts of different revenue streams as a direct result. Some of these spinoffs come in a smaller form like action figures or different accessories that you could purchase in real life forms that would replicate what you saw the game but for this creator, he decided that he would go above and beyond in order to replicate the Halo experience.

Instead of just purchasing his own version of a Master Chief motorcycle helmet or maybe a replica of an in-game weapon, this guy decided that he wanted to take one of the vehicles from the game, a Warthog, and re-create the off-road machine in real life. When you take a close look at this thing, it’s not a 100% carbon copy but we would venture to think that he did a pretty bang up job for building this thing in his very own garage. The attention to detail is very impressive and we have to say that most Halo fans would probably die to drive something like this. The owner even thinks that maybe a hardcore fan will be willing to sacrifice over $100,000 to get their hands on such a creation.

After you check out the machine below that involves a gamut of 3D printing, fabrication, and general mechanical know-how along with attention to detail, be sure to tell us what you think of this real-life rendition of the iconic video game vehicle.