fb-pixel Man Buys Crusty Mustang, Transforms to Gem for Mecum Auction
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Man Buys Crusty Mustang, Transforms to Gem for Mecum Auction

There’s a prevailing sentiment in the car community that finding a good deal at a dealer auction can be a tough, if not impossible, task. The belief is that these cars are the ones nobody liked enough to display on a used car lot, suggesting that they may be in poor condition or lack value. However, depending on who you ask, this might be a bit of a misconception.

However, occasionally, there are those diamonds in the rough, the hidden gems that manage to slip through the cracks. Those with the determination to navigate the hustle of a dealer auction might just uncover some spectacular deals.

In a recent video from the Flying Wheels YouTube channel, they explore this notion. In a previous auction visit, they discovered a noteworthy find – a convertible Fox Body Ford Mustang. While the Mustang required a few fixes, being a 1991 convertible 5.0 original Florida car meant it had minimal, if any, rust. With a $4,460 investment, the car needed some adjustments to become a marketable item, including a $1,200 shipping cost to get it to the Mecum Auto Auction where the new owner intends to sell it.

The latest video provides a comprehensive tour of the car, outlining the plans to restore it to its former glory. The overarching theme is to showcase that there might be hidden deals waiting at auto auctions for those willing to invest some effort and perhaps make a bit of money along the way.

The video leaves viewers anticipating the fate of the car, and the host at Flying Wheels seems optimistic that there’s potential for a good return when the car eventually makes its way to the Mecum auction. The journey to transform this auction find into a profitable venture adds an exciting narrative to the world of car flipping and dealing

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