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Man Converted His Lamborghini into an Xbox Controller!

Okay, so this will almost certainly be the coolest thing you see today, and honestly may be the coolest thing you see for a long time. The YouTuber known simply as Pog decided he wanted to try out the awesome Xbox driving simulator Forza 7, something millions of us have done. However, instead of just dropping the disc into the console and playing on his living room flat screen, Pog decided to make the experience a little more realistic.

For most of us, this might mean picking up a steering wheel and pedal setup from the store to provide a more authentic gaming experience, or even picking up a top end simulator with wraparound displays and a seat that moves to offer an immersive feel. But not Pog. Instead, he took things to a whole new level and we are absolutely blown away by what he came up with.

We don’t have any info about the equipment he used to make this happen, but somehow, he managed to completely incorporate the game controls into his very own Lamborghini Aventador. This allowed him to sit in his real life Lambo and drive in the game, using his own steering wheel, and we assume the pedals as well.

However he did it, it’s one of the coolest setups we have ever seen, and we are on a mission to find out exactly what all it takes to build the system so we can try it out here at Speed Society Headquarters.

If anybody out there knows what all is needed to do this, please hit us up and let us know. If this happens to get back to you, Pog, just know you’ve gotten our attention. Get in touch with us and let’s talk about this amazing setup and how we can get our hands on everything it takes to build our own! In the meantime, we’re just gonna hang out on the couch with our controllers and play the old fashioned, and suddenly incredibly boring way.