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Man Dressed As Santa Chases Down A Hit And Run Driver Who Left The Scene

If you want to talk about a situation that is nothing short of a Christmas miracle, he whole scene was even dressed up in a Santa suit for everyone to be able to see exactly what was going down. If you don’t believe in the spirit of the holiday after this one, I’m not really sure if there’s anything that will make you cheerful around Christmas time. While it did take a negative event to kick it all off, this good Samaritan could have very well saved the day as he took time out of his schedule and put himself in danger for the benefit of others, a true way to be selfless.

The whole thing is kicked off in an incredibly obscure series of events where someone just so happens to be in a crosswalk and gets plowed by a car out of absolutely nowhere. To make matters even worse, as if that was necessary at this point, the person who plowed over the pedestrian wasn’t stopping to see if the pedestrian was alright, in fact, the individual wasn’t stopping at all, or at least it would appear as if he had no plans to do so and that was when the good Samaritan wearing a Santa suit on motorcycle hopped into action to try and help out where he could for the poor victim of this accident who was left laying in the street.

After all of the above goes down, the video really starts to get spicy because the motorcycle rider that’s clad in this Santa suit hops to action, really putting all this heart into it as he attempts to chase down the motorist who was responsible for all of this. Eventually, the police are able to catch up with the entire situation and the individual who was responsible for the hit and run. We never got any word on what happened to the person in the crosswalk or what would come of the driver here but I don’t think it’s any type of stretch of the imagination to say that the motorcycle rider helped out big-time here.