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Man Explains Why NOT To Use Valet Parking

For anyone who has invested in a lot of long, hard hours into keeping up with their cars, we have all been tasked with that question of if we would be willing to valet our machines or not. For a lot of car guys, a question like this might just cause your skin to crawl because you know that there are a lot of situations that could unfold with someone else having your keys in their hands that could cause an outrageous blowback that you don’t want to be a part of. To others, a small scratch on the door might not be much of a big deal, but if that were to happen to you, it would be pretty much the end of the world, especially when you know that you weren’t even the one to inflict damage.

Now, I’m certainly not saying that all valet drivers are necessarily bad but, do you really want to take that chance with somebody who probably isn’t paid all that much money to really care about taking care of your car or not. At the end of the day, it really just doesn’t seem to be worth all of the hassle that you could potentially have to endure should something happen. After all, one little scratch could blow apart your trust for an entire hotel or restaurant who hired the valet to start with. I think that, for most of us who are automotive obsessed, it might just be a better situation to avoid altogether.

This time, we check out the situation that had YouTuber, Scotty Kilmer’s, wife in a predicament where her car was banged up after being picked up by a valet. As the story goes, nobody wanted to own up to it and it ended up being a complete mess. It might not look like a huge deal, but trust me, if you were there, you’d be pretty ticked off as well. Have you ever been in a situation where you went to valet your car and came out on the short end of the stick? This is really a tough situation to be a part of should you ever be dealt the wrong hand.

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