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Man Gets in Accident, Passenger Lifts Vehicle off of Police Officer with Pure Adrenaline

Every once in a while, you might hear about a story that has someone getting together a massive amount of adrenaline and accomplishing something that seems to almost be superhuman. Until now, that might’ve seemed to be what tall tales were made of, taking reality and bolstering it to a new level but this time, we really get to see a face attached to such a story that has some pretty reliable supporters to corroborate the sequence that really is one that you almost feel like you would see in a movie. However, this one is very much a part of real-life.

This time, we join in on a very scary situation, one that would have a driver suffering a medical emergency while behind the wheel of their car. All of this would lead up to quite the accident that would leave the people involved scrambling to try and find a solution. Before long, a police officer would come to the scene to attempt to help, however, in the panic, the driver of the car ended up backing up over the officer. Filled with panic and adrenaline, our hero would hop to action, simply telling himself that he wanted this one to end well. Before long, he would find himself lifting off an entire car to remove the weight from the officer, allowing him to escape from the position that he was pinned in.

If you check out the news story below, you get every last word, learning all about how exactly the situation would unfold and how our hero reacted and did his best to make sure that the story had a happy ending. At the end of the day, luckily, nobody end up suffering life-threatening injuries and they were able to keep on keeping on to tell the story. In a climate that really seems like everybody is out to get one another, it’s pretty nice to see that, when we really need it, we can all come together to help one another out.