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Man Sets Out to Use Hydrogen Peroxide Record to Ice Speed Record at 250 MPH

When it comes to setting records, a lot of pieces have to be on the same page. Everything from the driver’s mental toughness to a well sorted out vehicle needs to align just perfectly. If any of these things fall out of place, a record run could turn into a bust rather quickly. When traveling at speeds that are approaching 250 mph, we don’t need to spell out the fact that it’s a very dangerous situation as well.

Kurt Anderson is an individual that is looking to throw himself into such a situation. If everything goes right, though, he will be able to power his vessel to speeds of 250 mph. In fact, Kurt is looking to become the fastest man to ever travel on ice. Currently, the record sits at an astonishing 247 mph.

I’ve spoken with plenty of people who have gone over the 200 MPH mark. Most of them say that it’s simply a whirlwind of a feeling that’s tough to explain. We would imagine that every single mile per hour after that would be an absolute rush. Approaching speeds of 250 mph in a rig so small has to be something that turns knuckles as white as possible.

The sled that is going to aim to tackle that goal goes by the name of “Arctic Arrow.”

The means of power here isn’t something that most would probably expect. Hanging off of the back is a hydrogen peroxide powered rocket. The rocket uses a process that turns the liquid into a highly pressurized steam. This steam is then used to push the rocket forward to attempt to take out these records.

By following along with the video below, we get to meet Kurt and dive inside of his head. Hearing all about his motives and how he plans on accomplishing the goals really paints a bigger picture of what this process is really like.