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Man in Jeep Deliberately Cutting Off a SEMI Truck

I’m not even going to pretend I haven’t road raged before, and I’m sure most of you can admit you’ve gotten a little fired up while driving as well. One thing that just makes absolutely zero sense, though, is raging at a truck driver.

For one, as this seems to be the issue at play in this video, most big rigs are speed-limited and the driver has no option to go faster, despite how much of a hurry other drivers may be in. Another reason they may not be going as fast as you’d like is that eighteen wheelers are policed very closely by law enforcement. They don’t get the same 10 MPH buffer most of us get on the interstate, so they have to stick close to the speed limit.

I can’t stress how ridiculous it is to play games with a semi. These drivers are paid to be at their destination as quickly as possible, so rest assured, they are not going slower just to impede your commute. And if something goes wrong and you end up causing an accident, the chances of “winning” a crash with an eighteen wheeler are slim to none. Don’t be like the guy in the Jeep in this video… Just go on about your day and let the truckers truck in peace.