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Man on Stolen Motorcycle Runs From Cops And Meets a Taser

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on January 15, 2018

Running from the police is probably almost never a good idea. I think that and most would agree that instead of putting yourself in risk in that way, that instead, you should probably just fight your battle in court. However, that doesn’t stop plenty of motorcycle riders from trying their luck and honestly, a lot of times, they are met with a great deal of success as they manage to escape the grasp of the law as they use the bikes to zoom off into the distance, using the best of their vehicle’s agility and speed to make their great escape.

This time, however, we join a motorcycle rider who doesn’t exactly have the greatest luck with that. When he spots a police officer hot on his track, he doesn’t take the time to stop and see what the officer wants but instead, goes in whichever direction that he can to escape. Now normally, you would expect a motorcycle rider to find the fastest way to the highway as to get up to a speed that the police cruiser simply couldn’t reach and use that top end to make a run for it, however, this rider does the exact opposite, zipping through back streets to try and lose the tail. However, it looks like he went down every single street that was just wide enough for the police cruiser.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to watch the entire chase as the rider would eventually lose control of his bike and end up throwing it on the ground, only to proceed on foot where the officers in the police car would end up giving chase and eventually hit the man with a taser. Needless to say, they would end up apprehending him and he would soon have to face not only the original charges but also some additional ones for sending the police on this wild goose chase.

stolen motorcycle

Police chase man on stolen motorcycle and deploy taser (view from suspect's helmet camera)

Posted by Viral Police Media on Saturday, January 13, 2018


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