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Man Plowed by Speeding Volvo Trying “In My Feelings” Challenge.

When you take a look at the viral trends of the internet, past and present, you never know exactly what it is that’s going to blow up next. It could be the most obscure of things that will be going absolutely nutty on the internet and causing people to pull out all the stops as they try all sorts of different stunts and public displays, all in the name of a good time and maybe a little bit of that coveted social media attention. However, while many of these instances might be harmless fun, other times, the displays can get rather dangerous, meaning that people trying them out are getting hurt in bunches.

One of the latest challenges that goes by the name of the “In My Feelings” Challenge takes the song of the same name and has drivers hopping out of their cars and dancing to it, sometimes while the car is still moving! I don’t think that it necessarily takes a rocket scientist to tell you where something like this might go wrong but people across the world seem determined to make their videos, even when there are plenty of failed attempts floating around the internet that end with people getting injured and even a warning from the National Transportation Safety Board that tells people to stay in the car!

The video below showcases what might be one of the more extreme cases of this challenge going wrong as a young man proceeds to do the dance in the middle of the road and eventually gets plowed over by a speeding Volvo. It seems like he was a little scraped up and didn’t sustain too much damage but this one could have gone far worse. This youngster should consider himself lucky and prove to be a sign for anyone else wanting to try it out that maybe they should think twice about it next time!