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Man rigs package to scare thieves, deter package thefts

When it comes right down to it, lots of people argue about lots of things, some of them stupid and others important to talk about but there is one thing I think that mostly everybody on this earth can agree with in the fact that criminals most certainly are not something that anybody wants to deal with or have around them.

This time, we show a group of criminals in the lowest form as they attempt to sneak up to hard-working peoples’ houses while they are at their job and snatch packages right off of their front porch. I don’t think that it gets any more cowardly than that.

When this guy decided that he was simply fed up with dealing with crooks taking said packages off of his porch, as his house sits on a main road, he decided to hop to action and use his creativity and knowledge to get to the task of doing something about the matter.

With a contraption that consisted of a box that was placed on his porch and a shotgun shell blank amongst other parts, he came up with the ultimate noisemaker that would distract potential criminals from stealing things off of the porch, hopefully deterring them from doing it ever again.