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Man Showing Off Leaving a Car Show in a Chevelle Ends Up in a Ditch!

When you have a fast car, it’s only natural that you’re going want the car to get a little bit of attention but, if you aren’t completely confident in your driving abilities, you might want to turn it down just a little bit so that whole plan to get the car show to look at you doesn’t end up backfiring and putting you on YouTube to be immortalized with a video like this one.

It looks like the guy behind the wheel of his Chevrolet Chevelle got just a little bit ahead of himself when he pulled out of a show and laid into the throttle. Normally, giving the car a little bit of gas isn’t something that would create that much of a stir. Sure, it’ll turn a couple of heads but when you go overboard like this, things can get a little bit rowdy.

Instead of just blipping the throttle and going about his day, it looks like this guy laid into it way too much as the car slipped out from underneath him and ended up shooting its way straight into a nearby ditch. That wasn’t a very happy ending to the vision that he had in his head of the car peeling out of the show.

As you could imagine, the entire thing was captured on video and can be seen down in the clip below as some bystanders make their comments on the situation that unfolds in front of them. All in all, this is really yet another unfortunate scenario and hopefully, this guy was able to piece his ride back together.

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