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Man Trades Car For Special McDonalds Dipping Sauce

A couple of months ago, a story broke and really made news about how fans of the popular adult cartoon, Rick and Morty, all made a big hoopla about a special sauce offered up by McDonald’s. The sauce, originally a promotion for Mulan, known as Schezwan sauce, was once again brought back by McDonald’s because of its mention in this popular cartoon.

As the story would go, McDonald’s would end up not producing enough of the sauce which would cause shortages around the country and some very angry and unpredictable fans demading more as they were ready to lash out to get their hands on the sauce.

Because of all of the chaos surrounding the sauce, eventually, it would go online for insane amounts of money, asking for hundreds of dollars as fans just wanted to get a taste of it. It seems really absurd and we would say that we’ve seen stranger things unfold but there aren’t too many particular situations that come to mind if we’re being honest. If you thought that hundreds of dollars for dipping sauce was insane, this story really takes things to another level as it kind of trumps the whole idea, taking hundreds of dollars and making it look like nothing.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to witness the entire story as an entire Volkswagen is traded for a container of the sauce. This is almost comparable to an addict doing whatever they could to get their fix. This really goes to show you that you never know what someone is capable of and how far people will go when they really set their mind on something. Who knows what crazy trend will pop up next to make people do things that make them seem like they’re out of their minds?

Now that the price of the secondhand sauce has dropped to just a couple of bucks, we bet that this guy is regretting it big time!