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Mangusta 165 Charter Yacht “Da VincIi. The 10,000hp Stress-Buster!

There’s luxury, and then there’s THIS!

Checking in at 165 feet in length, “Da Vinci” is a super yacht in every sense of the word. Not only is the vessel dripping with opulence from bow to stern, it’s packing an unbelievable 10,000 horsepower, capable of ripping across the open ocean at speeds fast enough to tow a skier! Deep within the ships interior you’ll find a state of the art galley manned by a world-class chef and highly-trained crew that ensures each meal is both a work of art and a delight for your tastebuds. Outside, there’s a host of “toys” available to make it easy to truly enjoy the trip, from jet skis to water slides, there’s something for everybody. Da Vinci features some open tanning areas that help you get that Wes Buck bronze for the party that’s sure to break out every night.

Of course, we are all about the power, and taking a peek in the engine room, you’ll find four engines cranking out 2,500 horsepower each, giving Da Vinci enough oomph to power through the water at nearly 30 MPH. The vessel, built in 2017 by Italian shipbuilder Overmarine, can accommodate a dozen guests in absolute comfort in the yacht’s cabins and can host over 100 guests for on-board parties and events.

Da Vinci features some of the most modern and advanced technology as well, ensuring guests are safe, comfortable and entertained at all times. This yacht is truly a work of art, and for the low price of a quarter million dollars can be yours… for a week! That’s the going rate for a weeklong charter, if you happen to have a quarter mill in your pocket and need a nice vacation. We’d have to win the lottery twice to have the kind of coin it would take to charter this ride, but should that day ever come, we will be sure to go live to share the experience!