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Manual VS Flappy Paddles! C6Z Corvette vs Procharged C7 and Nissan GTR

Across the automotive landscape, there are all different kinds of ways go fast. While people might like to sit around and argue about what platform is better than the other or which transmission works best, this time, it’s not about that. In fact, instead of arguing we’re just going to the scene of the race in order to see a couple of awesome cars go at one another in a couple of races that are going to make your adrenaline crack wide open. This kind of speed contest is what it’s all about and why we buy these high-performance machines, in all of their different forms, in the first place, right?

This time, we check out the likes of a Chevrolet Corvette z06, a C6 to be more specific, as it takes on the art of rowing gears while going up against a Nissan GT-R that’s equipped with flappy paddles and a Procharged C7 Corvette that’s also sporting a flappy paddle gearbox to get through the gears. When it comes down to it, none of these cars all that hard to appreciate as you can really take this one at face value, accepting it for being a whole collection of high horsepower animals that are all looking to party, at the end of the day.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to get the scoop on the action as That Racing Channel heads out to see exactly how these three machines stack up against one another as they really lay into the long, skinny pedal and give their machines all that they’ve got. It’s always good to see some cars like this being beat on as they were designed to be treated. There’s just something about all that power making it to the ground that you can’t help but allow to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.