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Marshall Motoart “Superleggera” 300+HP RZR 1000 – One Bad RZR

Marshall Motoart “Superleggera” 300+HP RZR 1000 – One Bad RZR

When it comes to customization, the passion doesn’t end on the road. This time, we see what happens when someone creative that has a little bit of know-how got their hands on a side-by-side.

What started out as a Polaris RZR ended up being one of the most insane looking and performing off-road machines around. This thing has been decked out from head to toe!

To match its new 330hp performance, custom bodywork, and all-out suspension, this rig has been appropriately dubbed the “Superleggera” to imitate one of the baddest Lamborghinis on the planet!

Check out the video below of the stroked RZR1000 gone wild that will catch everybody’s attention as much as it will throw you back in your seat when it’s time to drop the throttle.

This RZR below has an insane anti-lag system! Check it out below.



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