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Marty McFly’s 2016 Tacoma Back to the Future Tribute

Marty McFly’s 2016 Tacoma Back to the Future Tribute

We all remember the sweet ’85 Toyota pickup that Marty McFly lusts after in the Back to the Future saga. At the time, that is one of the baddest offroad machines that you could get your hands on, but times have changed.


Today, October 21st, 2015, is the day that Marty came to the future in the second movie. Toyota is celebrating Back to the Future Day with a modern version of that truck. The Tacoma was recently remodeled and this one has a handful of modifications to pay tribute to Marty’s dream truck. It has new offroad suspension and TRD wheels, but the fun part are the vintage modifications made to match the original. It has circa-1985 mudflaps, big tubular bumpers in the front and back, Toyota tailgate logo and of course a set of KC HiLites with period-correct yellow covers.


This is a really cool rendition of the truck from the movie. I think that many people would be hitting the dealerships to get their hands on one, but from what I’ve seen Toyota does not plan on selling this truck. It is a shame, but hopefully the new 2016 Tacoma will make up for the disappointment once they hit the roads and immediately go offroad. McFly was supposed to come in at 4:30 PST on October 21st, 2016. Keep your eyes peeled for any flying DeLoreans!

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