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Massive 828ci Ford Hemi Sucks All the Air Out of the Dyno Room

In the world of racing, sometimes, it takes a lot of cubic inches to make a lot of power. Sure, somebody could throw a turbo or nitrous into the mix in order to reduce the need for cubic inches but sometimes that’s just not as fun. Sometimes, it’s all about creating the power all motor and just having massive gobs of torque under your foot for when you feel the need to go!

In this particular application, we check in with an engine that feels like it’s larger than life and, well, that’s because it kinda is.

At 828 cubic inches, this particular Ford Hemi is strapped up to make some major steam. In fact, after it makes a healthy-sounding pull on the dyno, we learn that the machine that is for the Innovators West Prost Stock Ford Mustang and is capable of making 1950 hp between 7000-8200 RPM. That is screaming!

Now, this video might be a little bit of a throwback as it was originally posted in 2013 but we absolutely can’t help but check in a couple of times whenever we see something like this come to life. It’s just simply astonishing each and every time that we find a monster like this lurking around the corners of the internet. It just isn’t every day that you see over 800 cubic inches come to life and really produce this much juice. Seeing an engine like this at work is one thing and hearing it rev over 8000 RPMs is another entirely.

By following along with the video below, we get to tune in with this dyno session that will leave at least a couple of jaws on the floor. There’s just something about a feat of engineering like this with no power adders required that leaves us more than impressed and we think you might just feel the same way!


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