Massive Amphibious Tanks Go Flying Into The Water!

We have seen some pretty wild things as our jobs here at Speed Society very much ...

We have seen some pretty wild things as our jobs here at Speed Society very much involve finding the most outrageous things across the internet and posting them here to share with all of you, however, there are some things that never cease to fail to amaze us as there come videos that really top each one that has come before it, creating a situation where each one is better than the last one, really giving way to some interesting clips. This time, yet again, we think we have found something that really is enough to blow your mind. Something in your head is bound to go off and say that these physical circumstances just shouldn’t exist!

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These fast-moving vehicles might look like tanks, but are actually some sort of amphibious war machines, look to get into action as they roll straight up to a pier, not even slowing down or skipping a single beat as they launch straight off the end of it! From there, naturally, they splash down in the water, causing a huge ruckus before rising back to the top and powering their way to their next destination. If I were an average bystander with no kind of background information, I would have absolutely no idea what to think if I saw these things whizzing past me and in straight into the water.

Follow along in the video below that shows off these amphibious assault vehicles going completely loco! When you’re out and about browsing the web, there is absolutely no telling what you’re going to get into and witnessing a video like this is just one of the many treats that the internet has had to offer. After following along with these massive machines, completely catapulting themselves off of the dry land and into the water below, be sure to tell us where this one ranks in your list of amazing things that you have seen go down on the pages of the web.

Flying tanks 😀 😀

Posted by Off-road Society on Saturday, October 21, 2017

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