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Browse Through a Massive Car Collection, With 0 Miles On The Clock.

Self-control and automotive enthusiasts go together about as well as peanut butter and lemon juice. Ok, there are probably some among us who can keep themselves in check. For most of us though, we can’t even look the other way when someone with a fun car pulls up next to us in traffic. God forbid we start looking around for parts online and our general overall lack of self-control will really start to show its true colors. Once we get all excited over our favorite rides, it can really give way to a slippery slope.

Just imagine the self-control that it would take to not drive your pride and joy for a year. What if you could never drive it again? For the owners behind this particular collection, that’s all that they do with their toys. Basically, these guys are in the business of buying some of the most impressive cars in the universe. Instead of driving them, though, they just keep them seated in a showroom. The vast majority of these cars have zero miles on the clock or very close to it. That means that they’re essentially operating a new car dealer with some of the most sought after cars in the world. The only difference is that none of them are for sale.

By following along in the video below, we catch up with what might be one of the most valuable car collections in the world. One thing that we know for a fact is that it’s probably one of the lowest mileage collections of this magnitude. It’s quite insane to watch as the cars go on as far as the eye can see. These things aren’t necessarily even close to common, either. Some of these cars even go so far as laying claim to being one of just a handful ever made.