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Massive Compilation of Large Scale R/C Airplane and Helicopter Destruction is Mesmerizing

For those who thought that remote control vehicles were always tiny, think again. The reality of the situation is that these vehicles span all sorts of different sizes. There have even been people that have taken full-size cars and turned them into remote control vehicles.

In the remote control aviation community, we haven’t exactly gotten into a full-scale plane or helicopter just yet. However, some of these creations are downright massive. The scale gets big enough to where some of these airplanes are bigger than human beings behind the controls. We would imagine they weight a ton as well.

For those who want to get out and fly their RC planes, there are meets for that sort of thing. At these gatherings, lots of different creations can be seen flying through the sky. It just so happens that, by the numbers, when more folks get together to fly, the chances of one of these machines going down is rather large.

After watching a collection of these sorts of videos, it just seems to be one of the hazards of getting into this sort of hobby. Sooner or later, enthusiasts are probably going to have to spend a little bit of money to repair after a crash.

This time, we dig our attention into a compilation video that shows up a collection of large-scale remote control aviation disasters unfolding. This video has gathered over 55 million views over the last couple of years and we can definitely see why.

It’s rather mesmerizing to watch as all this money practically falls out of the sky. There’s no telling the dollar figure that was lost here with some of these tangles. We would tend to think that most of these situations probably aren’t too easy on the wallet.


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