Massive Lot of 200 Deteriorating Classic Cars Liquidated – There Are Some Real Survivors Here!

Even for a company that specializes in restoring cars, it’s impossible to save ...

Even for a company that specializes in restoring cars, it’s impossible to save them all. Every day, more cars are going to meet their demise. Simply put, it’s going to be hard to keep up with the ever-growing inventory. Therefore, there are junkyards around the world that house thousands upon thousands of cars that need love. Some of them are even quite desirable!

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This time, we tune in with a video from Unique Specialty and Classic Cars in Minnesota that shows off just that phenomenon. The business describes itself as buying, selling, and even restoring vehicles. With such a line of work, I guess it turns out that they end up with quite the collection from time to time.

We aren’t quite sure if this lot of cars were ones that they simply elected not to restore or if these acted as parts vehicles. It certainly looks like quite the opportunity for the right person, though.

The video was posted back in 2016. However, we wouldn’t be shocked if this place had a variety of other barn finds to choose from, though. One look at their website shows a whole collection of fully restored cars. It’s unclear what remains from this lot but reaching out to them might be a good bet if you’re truly interested.

By following along with the video below, though, we get to dial ourselves into a whole variety of different cars from different eras. Whether buying them or not, it’s truly a sight to see. These machines, in every shape and form, really bring us a level of excitement that’s hard to describe. Those outside of the car community might not understand our fascination with a bunch of rusty old cars. However, I think many of us are just simply able to see the potential within these rides that really gets our senses tingling.

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