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Massive Race Truck Compilation – These Heavyweights Can MOVE!

While cars might be a little bit more common on the racing scene as they tend to have a little bit more upside and are easier to tap into potential wise, sometimes, folks prefer to build their counterpart in trucks. In addition to being something a little bit different, trucks can provide utility as well so you could have a fast driver that you can also take to the store to pick up some hardware and maybe swing over to grab some groceries while you’re at it. While they are a little bit heavier to get moving, they certainly also have quite the upside.

In fact, sometimes, you can see trucks that are built to beat up on cars so that’s where things really get exciting. Sure, they’re going to the have a massive handicap while getting started, thanks to their aforementioned heavyweight status but they also have the power to match that allows them to scoot down whatever racing surface it is that they’re on and find their way to victory in one of the most satisfying formats. If you ask the owner of the truck, they will tell you that there’s nothing like brushing the dust off of the old work truck and bringing it out to put a hurting on another driver who really has a big ego.

If you follow along in the BigKleib34 video down below, you’ll be able to see some of the fastest trucks that made their way out to Holley Performance’s LS Fest out in Bowling Green, Kentucky, as they put on a show, making their way down the drag strip to some really impressive passes. When you consider all the extra baggage that these things have behind them, seeing them make quick passes like this gets all that much more impressive. After watching this compilation of fast trucks, be sure to tell us what you think of the collection.