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Matt Farah’s 1988 Fox Body Mustang Hits The Hoonigan Garage

Matt Farah has been a fixture in the car world for, well, seemingly forever. His channel, The Smoking Tire, has been around since 2009 and has over two hundred million views, earning it a place in the heart of many a gearhead around the world. Matt is the rare enthusiast who can pull of both factual and informative and flip the switch to fun and silly and back at will, all the while remaining completely awesome!

Matt was invited by our brothers over at Hoonigan to swing by and talk about his ride, a great take on the Fox Body Mustang, and we have to admit, this is one of the cooler Foxes we’ve seen, and we have seen LOTS. Dressed in basic black, Farah’s Mustang doesn’t really stand out at first glance. You’ll notice, though, as you walk around the car, details begin to jump out at you, such as the slightly larger-than-stock fender flares that drape over the perfectly chosen set of HRE wheels. The flares are subtle but they jump out more you look around – and inside and under – the car.

Major components, like the independent rear suspension and the full tubular K-member up front, and minor details like the custom fabric inserts in the seats and door panels to the subtle air dam on the front end, everything about the car just works together and creates this awesome ride that is so perfectly Matt Farah. Since it is a Fox Body, Matt has no issue driving the car and racking up the miles, something he was unable to really do with many of the cars he’s owned.

Of course, it’s not a trip to Hoon HQ without some tiresmoke, so Farah fires up the engine and lays down a nice, smoky burnout to end the video. Matt was worried about the car having a hard time smoking the tires with the big meats and relatively low HP numbers that the naturally aspirated small block Ford makes, but honestly he laid down one of the smoothest burnouts we’ve seen to date, because he knows what he’s doing behind the wheel!