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McMillin Rolls Trophy Truck, Still Pulls off Impressive Recovery in Baja 1000

Throughout the course of a race, no matter if it’s a drag race, circuit race, or even if the action is taken off-road, just about anything can and will happen. Setbacks may occur early on or even in the middle of a race somewhere but as a race progresses, it can really come into focus how one thing can turn into another and before you know it, someone else’s mistake can have you back in the mix, after your mistake, competing for a good position. A prime example of that unfolds right in front of our eyes here as Andy McMillan’s trophy truck rolls over, calling for a 10-minute or so delay for the driver as everybody figures out how to get the truck back on four wheels once again.

I don’t care what kind of race you’re competing in, 10-minutes is definitely a lot of time to make up in just about any capacity. However, that wouldn’t deter this determined driver from trying to make his way back into the pack. In fact, we would later learn that this stumble would end in such a way that it would allow Andy to climb his way back up the ladder again, pulling off a third-place spot in the 50th Baja. After hearing about the success, it leads you to wonder how well he would’ve done if he didn’t have this little setback that cost him quite a bit of time. After all, he did only come in right around 2 minutes off of the leader’s pace.

If you follow along in the video below, a camera was able to catch up with the entire scene of the accident as the truck caught an awkward angle and managed to roll itself over. It’s stories like these that really make you keep that determination about you even when it seems like something unfolds to stack the deck against you. Just remember that even if you find yourself rolled over in a trophy truck as the pack passes you by, the race isn’t over just yet.