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Mean Dodge Dart Runs 4.31@172 on Leaf Springs!

Lyle Barnett, who suffered severe burns in a crash and subsequent fire about a year and a half ago, made good on his vow to return to competition late last season and has now returned to his record-breaking ways!

This weekend, in pre-race testing for the US Street Nationals at Bradenton Raceway Park, Lyle strapped into the wicked Dodge Dart of Mississippi dentist Jason Digby and set out on a mission to claim the leaf spring world record. The Dart, nicknamed the Tooth Jerker due to Digby’s vocation, is powered by a Mopar bullet with a monster single turbo cranking out somewhere in the neighborhood of infinite horsepower. Lyle ripped off an incredible 4.31 at 172 MPH, shattering the old Leaf Spring record. He then returned to the lanes and laid down a 4.32 to prove the first hit was no fluke, and as the weekend progresses, the ET’s are likely to fall even farther.

It’s great to see Lyle back behind the wheel doing what he loves. He and Digby have always made a great team, and with this new combo really just beginning to hit it’s stride, we can’t wait to see just how far they drop the record for the class. Thanks, as always, to Hans at Free Life Films for the excellent footage!