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Mechanical Doping – How Does A Road Bike With A Hidden Motor Ride?

When it comes to sports, the different leagues have to keep an eye on their players and make sure that they aren’t using performance enhancing substances that would give them an unfair advantage in competition and push them past their peers.

However, in sports that involve tools like a bicycle, you need take extra measures to make sure that competitors aren’t breaking the rules to get a leg up on the competition. Someone with access to a machine like this would most certainly get that unwarranted leg up.

In this demonstration, we check out what a bicycle can look like when it has a hidden motor onboard to help propel the rider past what their physical limitations would normally allow. Just a little spoiler alert: it looks like a regular old bike on the outside!

Check out the clip below that shows you exactly how a motorized bike showing no motor can function. Even though something like this isn’t really our style when it comes to competition, it had to take an incredible effort to be able to cram and hide all of that gear inside of this machine.


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