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Meet The $100,000 Custom Built Can-Am Maverick

Meet The ultimate UTV! This Can-Am Maverick built by Geiser Performance was specifically built to handle the worst possible conditions for the most grueling adventure, a 1400 mile journey through the rough terrain of the desert in Baja Mexico. The price tag? Well over $100,000!

Now, what makes this Maverick worth so much money? It’s custom built by one of the biggest names in desert racing to start, The owner UTV Source bought the Maverick and within 3 days dropped it off with the guys at Geiser who did a beautiful roll cage, all Tig welded, with the Geiser Performance windshield kit, Geiser Performance Radius rod kit which is all Chromoly, the Geiser Performance trailing arms, all custom parts designed and made by Geiser Performance. These aren’t the only modifications on this beast, however. The entire UTV is built to his desires.

This race rig wouldn’t be complete without a serious upgrade on the interior, as all the safety requirements need to be met, as well as serious upgrades in the power department. Not that you really need them, but who doesn’t want to go faster? With those upgrades, you have to upgrade the suspension in which everything is done with several custom parts made by Geiser Performance in house. 33” tires, on brand new Method wheels, to boot. The KC light bar up top, and the space for extra fuel, and a spare tire will help make this journey possible.

This ride is not only built to handle everything, and anything that gets in its way, but it’s already done a 1,200-mile journey once before. So 1400 shouldn’t be a problem. We will be paying attention closely to see how this journey unfolds for the guys at UTV source. We’re optimistic that they will not only have a blast but come home safe and sound without any headaches