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Meet the SeaBreecher: A Personal Submarine That’s Faster Than it Looks

For those who have a little bit of disposable income and want to have some fun, there are a variety of toys that are popular to go out there and purchase to enjoy that hard-earned leisure time. One example of a market that boasts tons of playthings would be that of the watercraft. Whether one is looking to go big with a boat or potentially something smaller, like a jet ski, there are tons of ways to spend money. With something like the SeaBreecher, we see yet another side of that market that really brings entertaining time to life.

Without having seen too many of these things in real life, we can attest to the fact that they probably aren’t as popular as something like a jet ski but who knows, tomorrow might bring a different story after seeing something like this. After watching a video such as this one, we would venture to say that this thing is just right for about any thrillseeker who wants to spend the day out on the water, combining the likes of a sort of shallow water submarine along with many perks that one would find in a jet ski. At the end of the day, this is certainly one creative way to spend time getting down in the water.

By following along with the video below, we take a look at the SeaBreecher, a personal watercraft that makes stunts easy and really goes above and beyond in the name of a great time. This entire video was captured on GoPro which really allows us to get inside the action, grabbing a seat that really is the best in the house pending actually being in the cockpit ourselves. In terms of a wet and wild day of fun, it might not get too much better than something like this!

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