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Meet the Ultimate Party Machine, a Houseboat on Wheels!

Sometimes, when life gets to be a little bit heavy, you just want to go out there and blow off a little bit of steam, taking part in whatever your own personal version of a party might be. When it does come to figuring out how exactly to get the fun started, cruising down to the water might not be a bad option and from there, there are even a couple of more ways that you can choose to start cranking out the fun. This man figured out a way to take it upon himself to make his own memorable time with a little bit of a homemade creation that we think almost everyone is going to fall In love with.

Sure, the concept of the houseboat might be somewhat common, now that we’re saying that common is necessarily a bad thing. However, it seems like for this individual, “common” simply wouldn’t do the deed as he decided to take it to a whole new level, taking the concept of the houseboat and completing it with a very special twist that made a lot of people want to come out and see this thing debut at the boat ramp. Just watching it from the side of the screen is actually quite the experience to be a part of so we would imagine that being onboard is even more of a blast.

With the video below, you get the ultimate experience of land and sea vehicle as the creation is unveiled and put in the water for its inaugural swim. It’s pretty hard to deny that this thing looks like a great time as it is driven straight from dry ground into the water. While most boats this big are normally left in the water because it would be quite a hassle and an expense to pull them out regularly, this one provides a lot more bang for your buck in that arena. Without making too many guesses, we’d think that isn’t where the functionality stops, either!


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