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Meet The World’s Fastest X275 Import

As much as I love X275, it’s no secret that it’s a class filled, for the most part, with small block Ford powered Mustangs. Yes, I am aware that there are other makes, models and powerplants represented, but the guys who win most often in X typically run Fox body Mustangs with SBF power, be it supercharged or turbocharged.

That’s what makes “White Rice” so cool! Not only is this not a Mustang, it’s not even a domestic platform. Zachary Park’s Nissan 240SX certainly stands out just on appearance alone in a sea of Mustangs, but when he hits the ignition and cranks this thing up, anybody who didn’t turn their head when they saw the car definitely takes notice when they hear it.

There’s no small block Ford. It’s not even the ubiquitous LS-based swap. Park insisted on keeping the Japanese bloodlines of the car by dropping a wicked 2JZ powerplant under the hood and taking advantage of the power-to-weight ratio afforded to cars running 6-cylinder engines under the class rules, thanks to rule guru John Sears, who keeps tabs on all the possible combinations and their output potential when deciding what weight each combination has to run at.

You can see in this awesome in-depth look at the car brought to us by Hans at Free Life Films, the car has been lightened some, but still retains things like the full dash and little touches like power windows, making it a lot more “streetable” than you would think. Of course, it won’t be seeing the street, but these little touches definitely make the car stand out even more.

After running a 1/8th mile split of 4.36 at 172 MPH at MDIR’s Import vs Domestic event with a 102mm turbo, Park and crew bolted up and X-legal 88mm snail for Lights Out X, where he laid down a best of 4.42 at 170, certainly strong enough to go head to head with just about anybody in the class.


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