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Mega Throwback – Street Outlaws Very First Episode! Flip VS Dominator

Talk about a blast from the past! We’re taking you all the way back to the first season of Street Outlaws, before most of the guys on the show were household names in the automotive community, to an admittedly simpler time.

In this clip, a deleted scene from the first first episode, Dominator in his Dodge Dart is preparing to line up with Flip in the flat black El Camino that Kamikaze currently drives on the show. They line up and Chief bangs the light, sending the pair of vintage Detroit-built hotrods launching into the chilly Oklahoma night. Dominator gets a big lead off the line with his wheels-up launch, and drives away to take a sizable win over the ElCo and the #5 spot on the list. In the post race interviews, you can see the pride in both drivers’ eyes as they brag on their hotrods, both of which will end up being long-term fan favorites on the show.

Looking back, who knew just what a juggernaut Street Outlaws would become, taking over the #2 slot on Mondays behind only Monday Night Football in the rankings.


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