Mega Washing Systems Take on Cleaning the Biggest Machines

When it comes to big jobs, sometimes, big equipment needs to be used to get it done. ...

When it comes to big jobs, sometimes, big equipment needs to be used to get it done. With this big equipment, though, maintaining it can be a task that seems larger than life! However, where there is a will there is a way and there’s generally a lot of money for people who can solve big problems.

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For those still confused, we’re talking about mega washing systems that are put in place in order to wash the biggest machines on Earth. At the end of the day, some people might be wondering why exactly one would want to wash a dump truck off. After all, it’s not made to be pretty it’s made to get the job done, right?

As it turns out, cleaning up your machine might actually help improve its longevity. In turn, when the machine needs to be serviced, having it nice and clean makes it all that much easier to get down to the nitty-gritty and get things done. After all, less time being serviced means less money lost. Therefore, there needs to be some sort of car wash for these massive monsters to clean up a bit.

This isn’t something that’s as easy as it sounds, we know that they have big car washes for things like big rigs. However, some of the heavy equipment out there gets much bigger than that. Instead, we see some mega dump trucks that are bigger than houses! It’s not as simple as breaking out an old pressure washer and going to town. It would simply take far too long to clean a machine this way.

Down in the video below from Lord Gizmo, we get to see the monstrous systems that have been put together in order to take care of these monstrous machines. We never thought that it would take an engineering degree in order to create something to wash a vehicle. However, here we are, absolutely in awe over how some of these systems come together.

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