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Memphis Street Outlaw Jamie Otts Has Special Help In His Crew at Outlaw Armageddon

For all the hate that the internet heaps on the stars of all of the Street Outlaws spinoff franchises, these guys have proven time and again just how good a group of guys they really are.

From the original group in OKC to New Orleans and now Memphis, these guys bring fans into events that have never set foot on a racetrack property before, and many of them fall in love with the sport itself and decide to get involved. Even if they don’t, the fans enjoy the opportunity to get up close and personal with the cars and the stars they see on TV each week.

Many of them, such as Chad Otts and his buddy Branson, make connections that transcend the TV Star/Fan relationship and blossom into true friendships. Branson is a young man with special needs who just happens to really love Jamie’s taxi-themed 1955 Chevy called “The Killer Cab”. With it’s patina’d yellow and black theme, the car certainly does play the part of an old cab well, at least from the outside. Fire up the massive nitrous-injected powerplant, though, and it becomes apparent that this car is no joke.

Well that’s exactly what young Branson had the opportunity to do. At last weekend’s massive Outlaw Armageddon no prep throwdown in Oklahoma, Otts brought Branson over when it was time to warm up the car. Branson wasted no time in climbing behind the wheel and taking in the noise and adrenaline as Jamie brought the engine to life.

You can see the excitement on Branson’s face as the lopey nitrous engine thumps through the exhaust, prompting the young race fan to give onlookers a hearty thumbs up and a contagious smile before Jamie cuts the ignition and Branson is able to hear again. We can’t tell the results of the weekend since there’s television things that will be revealed in the future, but the results are floating around out there in social media land, if you want to know how Jamie did in the race. We don’t really care, honestly, as this move right here made him a big winner in our book.