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Men Use Monster Trucks to Help Navigate Flood Waters and Rescue Stranded Drivers!

We’re no strangers to Mega Trucks here at Speed Society, but this is something we haven’t seen them doing before, and it is totally badass. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and the estimated 15 trillion gallons of water it dumped on the Houston area, this mega truck owner headed out in the floods and used his massive ride to rescue other residents who are stranded and unable to reach safety on their own .

Zub Ferrell, the trucks owner and driver, says the rescue mission is more rewarding than any mud truck competition win, and is proud to have a way to help those stranded by the storm. His Tahoe, named Old Habits, is lifted high in the air and has massive wheels and tires, making it perfect for forging through the water to find and rescue those in need. Zub was offered money, but accepted nothing but hugs and thanks as payment, knowing the residents will likely need every dime they have to get through the rebuilding period the city is facing.

Ferrell also used his truck to reach residents to deliver water and other supplies to help them get through the days waiting on the waters to recede. You can see in the video below, the massive Tahoe has no problem pushing the standing water aside and putting in work. We don’t know what the SUV has under the hood, but it’s more than enough to make Ferrell a hero in our book. We’ve seen many other stories like this pouring out of the Harvey aftermath, and will likely end up hearing many more.

President Trump is expected to seek nearly $6 billion in aid from congress for Texas and Louisiana following the Hurricane, which sat atop the region for days, churning out unprecedented rainfall that was estimated to triple the downpours following Hurricane Katrina.