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Mercedes E55 AMG Attempts To Show Off Leaving Car Show… Ends Badly!

We have seen the situation literally hundreds of times. Sometimes, when you’re a part of a car show, that need to show off might just cloud your better judgment and make you do some stupid things that don’t end up levying in your favor in the long run. For the owner of this Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG, he attempted to show off at the end of a car show, ripping a simple burnout that would continue down the road, going to a little bit too far and ending in what would one would assume to be quite the repair bill.

On the surface, this one really didn’t look like a situation that was going to end poorly. After all, the driver didn’t come out of the car shows sideways or swerve around the corner or anything like that. Instead, he came out to the main road, stopped and planted a pretty nice and straight burnout. However, as it would appear from where I’m standing, keeping in that throttle and putting a nice little haze on the tires after carrying the burnout too far would end poorly and he would get the car sideways, staying in the throttle just a little bit too long as the German machine would plow straight into the median.

Follow along with the video down below that takes you to the scene of the incident as it all came crashing down in a hurry. With just a couple of seconds less of sticking into the throttle, this one probably wouldn’t have ended badly at all but, that split second decision was just enough to make this car veer off of the intended path to do some damage. I guess that with a situation like this, you can just mark it up to living and learning. I think that maybe next time, this driver will play it a little bit safer.