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Mercedes SL63 AMG TAKES OFF On A Yamaha R1

Mercedes SL63 AMG TAKES OFF On A Yamaha R1

After watching this video, we can almost guarantee that you’ll be WIRED! This dash cam session of a Yamaha R1 chasing down a Mercedes SL63 AMG is absolutely exhilarating.

When the Mercedes takes off we would have guaranteed that the Yamaha would catch the car immediately, but as they approached 190mph the motorcycle wasn’t able to reel him in.

Check out the thrilling video below as the cars pass traffic and get our heart racing faster with each and every second that goes by! Would you have the guts to hop on a bike and peg the speedometer for this long (on a closed course, of course)?

This biker had a similar high speed chase with an Audi!

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 2.31.03 AM


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