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Mercury Offers the First Ever V12 Outboard in Boating and it Costs More Than a Brand New Corvette

One of the exciting things about building a project car is being able to pick out just the right engine. With the right combination, we can really show off our personality or achieve a certain goal that we’re looking to reach.

When it comes to boating, the same thing applies. Most land-goers probably don’t dive this deep into the world of boats. However, when it comes to picking out an engine, the truth is that there are a wide variety of different applications that are good for different things. As it just so happens, the inner gearhead within us can’t help but appreciate some of the unique combinations that are good for big power.

This time, we tune with a new release from Mercury that will really get your boat up and going. This outboard has been fitted with the likes of a V12 layout with 600 hp on tap. In other words, just one of these things would make a wide variety of vessels really wake up and go. Now, just imagine being able to strap a couple of them to the back of the boat of your choosing.

The 7.6L V12 is a sheer monster and the first of its kind. In fact, there has yet to be a manufacturer that has offered a V12 configuration in an outboard. Not only does this thing offer big power but perhaps the bigger upside is that it’s easy to configure. Unlike an inboard engine that is going to require a lot more engineering to implement and effort to work on, the outboard allows access, all in one easy location.

Oh yeah, and last but certainly not least, the engine comes with a rather premium price tag at $77,000.

Down in the video below from Mercury, we get to dive into what this monster is all about. From the thought behind it to the fine points really make the build to come together, the presentation might just have you ready to go out and purchase an outboard for yourself.

Now the only question is what kind of boat you’re going to strap this powerhouse to.


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