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Mesmerizing Process of “Electroplating” Turns Hardware Brilliant Purple

If you’ve ever gone through the process of building a vehicle, you might just so happen to notice that, during this process, you begin to care about things that otherwise might not have been important to you before. Depending on what kind of automotive enthusiast you are, the difference might just be in the details, meaning that you will go to great lengths so that every part of your vehicle from the engine bay to the wheels all the way to the paint are just about as perfect as can possibly be, bringing your vision of the perfect automobile to life on the canvas in front of you.

This time, we check the process that would make that detail oriented automotive enthusiast yelp with joy after watching it and probably a little bit curious as to how they might be able to do it for themselves. In a process known as “electroplating,” a series of steps that’s similar to anodizing, hardware is essentially exposed to a solution that is electrically charged, taking the plain old shiny bolts and turning them a different color, in this case, a very bright shade of purple that’s sure to stand out in just about any engine bay.

If you follow along with the quick clip below, you might just be mesmerized by what this set of steps has to offer. As if the end product wasn’t attractive enough to grab your attention, the journey to get there is equally as tempting. It’s pretty neat to watch as the hardware goes from a regular old shade of silver and eventually gets turned purple in quite the chemical reaction. After watching this one, we have no guarantees that you’re going to come out of it without wanting to pick up some new pieces for yourself and that might just be a good thing!