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Michelin and GM Working on Airless Tires, Coming Very Soon.

Michelin and GM Working on Airless Tires, Coming Very Soon.

It the age of technology, it’s surprising that flat tires still exist. It really seems like an issue that someone would’ve sorted out by now. With tires like run flats, we’ve found a way to bandaid the issue but a complete solution still isn’t in sight!

It isn’t for a lack of trying as there are some practical reasons for the lack of a solution. Tire companies have been hard at work to come up with an answer. However, normal tires seem to be the most economical way to travel. It’s a challenge to make rubber puncture proof, durable, and safe all at the same time. We have to remember that tires are regularly exposed to some extreme conditions. We don’t need them falling apart underneath us while on the highway.

Michelin and General Motors are collaborating on airless tire tech that’ll make sure drivers never get a flat again, though. A version is currently available in small sizes for use on tractors and lawnmowers. However, the brands are hoping to put their heads together to figure out how to scale the idea to a traditional automobile.

The “Uptis” prototype, which stands for “Unique Puncture-proof Tire System,” uses a series of structural supports instead of air. Therefore, it would be nearly impossible to get a flat. In addition, the prototype is better for the environment, using fewer raw materials to produce. Hopefully, they’ll also cut down on what Michelin claims to be 200 million tires thrown out every year due to irregular damage. That amount of waste is nothing short of insane. It’s absolutely crazy how many tires are just being thrown out due to puncture or irregular wear. It’s not like drivers are being careless, either. Many of these tires would be unsafe to keep using.

The goal is to have the tech ready by 2024 with testing starting later this year. Are we looking at the future of tire technology?