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Mid Engine Viper?! Coming Back To Rival The Corvette C8 Sooner Than Thought.

Sometimes, it can seem like the automotive world provides quite the revolving door with nameplates leaving “for good” before coming back years later and making a reappearance. Sometimes, this can be pretty frustrating and leaves diehard fans to wonder why it all happened in the first place. When cars come back after just a year or two, you have to wonder if it’s even something that was necessary at all or instead just some sort of marketing ploy. However, I guess that’s neither here nor there in the case of the Viper because it has been stirring around the water cooler that it’s pretty much a certainty that the Dodge Viper is going to be coming back once again.

Now, there has been no official evidence or even a statement from somebody in the Mopar camp to confirm, however, it seems like Car and Driver is relatively convinced that there will, in fact, be another Viper making its way to streets near you. Many of the features will be the same as the Viper will allegedly retain a similar shape, composition in terms of carbon fiber and aluminum, and that raw power that we have come to love the platform for. However, the fans of the V10 will have to curb their expectations a little bit as the car is said to be featuring an aluminum V8 instead. That was definitely something that set the Viper apart from a lot of cars but we feel like when they slap a newer generation of supercharged Hellcat engine under the hood, V10 fanatics will forget all about their woes as they see what happens when you lay into the throttle.

The video below goes a little bit in-depth about the return of the Viper and what we might be able to expect. As of now, the predicted return date is 2020 or potentially 2021. We aren’t getting our hopes up, even though we do trust Car and Driver’s word because as we have seen in the past with models like the Toyota Supra and Ford GT, the promise of a return can sometimes be a lot of talk and broken promises over decades before the car finally makes its way back, sometimes too late for people to really care so much.

What do you think is going to happen with the legacy of the Viper? Photo credit – Abimelec Design